Wouldn’t It Be Great If It Was Always the Butler Who Did It?

As a nation we are easily gripped by the intriguing mysteries of a crime story. We pour over crime novels and dramas and secretly pit our wits against TV detectives, determined to work out who the guilty party is before all is revealed. But in the world of fiction things are much easier to decipher, as clues are cleverly planted at calculated points to keep the drama unfolding. Unfortunately, in the real world of crime and investigation, nothing is so straightforward or glamorous.

No Room for Inspector Clouseau
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No Room for Inspector Clouseau

Many in the business community would relish the opportunity to have their very own Poirot or Inspector Morse at their disposal to ferret out culprits when things go awry. In such scenarios, business leaders could rest assured that mysteries would be solved and the guilty found out, leaving them with the task of running their companies. But wouldn’t it be better to prevent the security breaches in the first place, whether you need to protect data and information or products and property? If you were a large-store owner, wouldn’t you rather that your store was seen as being one of the Untouchables rather than having to deploy your own Poirot of the supermarket after things have gone wrong?

Prevention Rather Than Cure

In most scenarios where disaster can strike, it is always deemed far better to use prevention rather than a remedy after the fact. The same principle can be applied to business security. Even security problems as simple as shoplifting can be reduced by practicing prevention. And that does not mean stopping the act once it is in progress, but rather preventing the act from being undertaken in the first place. Indeed, it would often be deemed too dangerous to attempt to stop some shoplifting situations as violence can ensue. Simple things such as interacting and being seen to communicate with your customers can score highly in terms of preventing retail theft. You may find that your store detectives or security guards can appear to be no more threatening than a friendly member of the sales team.

Bringing It All Together

When you have a number of internal and external security issues to address, you might not think it’s possible to get all the features you need combined into one neat security solution. However, there are specialists who work to tailor the package to meet your needs, rather than just offering standard off-the-shelf services, and who can train staff in the specifics you require to combat your particular business worries. You could use www.cuffgroup.co.uk, for example.

Being smart about how you manage and conduct your security solutions is half the battle. You can use brain power, planning and prevention to outwit the opportunists who are inevitably going to keep trying to steal things. Getting your security solution right can save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long term.

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