GPHG 2012: MB & F Legacy Machine # 1 wins 2 awards

GPHG 2012 MB & F Legacy Machine # 1 wins 2 awards

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On 15 November we held the 12th edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve, watches class has a dedicated ‘in-depth article on the award GPHG 2012. During the prestigious event, all participants a single clock, however, was able to win – not one but two awards: he is MB & F Legacy Machine No. 1 LM1 which won both the Prize for the Best Men’s Watch, is the prize of the public.
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The team wins international tournament Cartier Polo

Cartier Polo


Usually, the team just watch companies are involved in various sporting events like the polo, but not too often that means they win. Rather, just the “main part – it’s too commercial”. A team of jewelry and watch company Cartier won the first international tournament at Polo International Dubai Polo Challenge.
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Competition Seiko:Everybody wins

Competition Seiko


Brand Seiko hardly needs any introduction. Group sales, with a history that began 126 years ago with a small repair shop clocks, exceeding 11 billion dollars, almost a half times more than the revenue of all watch companies in Switzerland. By creating a name for the production of inexpensive but high-quality watches, today the corporation manufactures a wide range of products from electronics to medical equipment.
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