Baselworld 2014: heart for the Tudor Black Midnight Blue Bay


With Baselworld, we discover every year great news that we will then have the opportunity to take a closer look. Today, we present you a real shot of heart, which was unanimous in Basel: the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue midnight.

It knows its big sister: the watch Tudor Heritage Black Bay to the bezel already sublime burgundy and his cousin released last year: the Tudor Chrono Blue. And we were already conquered. Therefore, this new night with the blue bezel already had all the chances to be elected “blow of heart” …

With Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue midnight, it is a blend of vintage and modern times are to honor, in particular through a new popular in recent years color: blue.

With a 41 mm steel case, this edition takes its origins completely while giving a boost to the model.


Watch tudor heritage midnight blue

Let’s talk just from its origins! You can imagine with a name like hers (“Heritage”), this watch bears the scars of his past. Which is a good thing and gives it a nice look? These include its convex glass reminiscent of the first diving watch brand, Submariner 7922, a year after the release of Rolex Submariner (1954). That’s not all … The winding crown imposing so-called “big crown” also refers to a previous model, as well as angular needles, the famous snow-flakes, which were in vogue from 1969 until the 80s in the brand.


The blue color contrasts absolutely with the 2012 version to the bezel burgundy and gold rimmed index rose more warm. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay midnight Blue 2014 is colder, haughty, with a black dial, silver indexes, silver needles, and of course the blue bezel matte night.

Beauty is presented with two bracelets, one in blue distressed leather, and the other with fabric buckle. If you really find a last advantage, know that this very nice timepiece will be offered between 2500 and € 2700 for the price of nine. Anxious to see Croesus in…


Baselworld: the 10 most beautiful watches in the 2014 edition


Baselworld 2014 is finished for this year; but this global event gives us beautiful memories, a taste of “back-y” and stunning models of luxury watches to decrypt and admire.

In this hustle and among the many novelties presented by an impressive number of brands, some leave their mark for years to come. Here is a small selection, completely subjective, the most beautiful watches presented at Basel this year!

They are more beautiful than others, but do not resemble in any case, these 10 watches have all been very successful in Basel this year will tell if these shots heart will also bestsellers … And you, what are your favorite news?

Rolex Sea Dweller 4000

Rolex Sea Dweller 4000

Blancpain Villeret Tourbillon Volant

Baselworld 2

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 11 45th Anniversary

Baselworld 4

Glashutte Original PanoMatic Inverse


Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation


There are four fundamental principles that define all models of Bell & Ross: readability, functionality, accuracy and reliability. Principles undoubtedly respond to what is expected of an “instrument”. There are few signature models that are a reproduction of some of the flight instruments to be found in any airplane cockpit, all framed AVIATION BR01 collection. Compass was introduced in 2010, in 2011 the Radar, in 2012 the family expanded with three more: the Horizon, Altimeter and Turn Coordinator.

A new trio to the control panel
In 2013 three new models become part of AVIATION BR01 collection inspired by so many instruments on board:
Head Indicator: the gyro compass or heading indicator, heading indicator, is an indispensable instrument for piloting. Indicates the path that the aircraft and is used in both manual and automatic flight.

Airspeed: or anemometer is a speedometer. It measures the speed at which an aircraft moves in the air and fly it in a controlled manner when no visibility.

Climb: barometer or vertical speed indicator, climb, allows the pilot to know, at all times, if the plane is ascending, descending or flying level. This instrument is based on atmospheric pressure and is graduated in hundreds of feet per minute.

Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation1

The dial has three discs, one for each timestamp. The exterior, which resembles a compass indications corresponds to hours. The north has been replaced by a double triangle indicates the time on the markings inside bezel.

The next disc corresponds to the minute in which the minute numerals are printed minute reading time is done based on the number to twelve hours. Finally in the central portion a disk without any graduation, but with a second rate to indicate to us.

To make full mimicry with instrument flight in the crystal is recorded in yellow silhouette of an airplane as in the original. Besides carbon black finish of the box, like a panel of flight is involved, makes reading in contrast to the yellow.

The weight of each disc is 30 vece than a needle, which has required ultra lightweight design and manufacture to reduce neither the reserve or to affect the normal operation of the watch discs. Another “handicap” to overcome, and partly contrary to the above, is that the discs must be rigid enough not to bend, suffer deformities and avoid any friction. Assembly is extremely complex and requires a great practice for setting everything perfectly.

Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation2

Less sophisticated than the previous construction, the BR01 AIRSPEED is a reflection of the instrument that inspired it. In this case the designers have captured the visual characteristics of the anemometer to create a highly readable clock.

To improve both reading and symbiosis with the original reading times on the inside of the sphere, just above your needle. The minutes are read outside of the area and are overwhelmed by the corresponding needle. The second indicator is a thin needle that also runs along the outer circle of the sphere.

The colors of the instrument board indicate roughly from green to Marillo critical values are also represented on the clock and indicate areas for each quarter hour.

Bell & Ross and aircraft instrumentation3

The graphics between the onboard instrument and clock serves to introduce two additional information on the usual hours, minutes and seconds. Just an indication of whether it is speed up or down, helps embed a needle to bring the package will run with the same nomenclature. Complementing the BR01 CLIMB incorporates indication of the month through an opening in the located three hours.

Another detail of the aesthetic similarity is that the hour hand is shaded in black so only the needle is white minutes. The hands and numerals are coated schedules luminescent material in contrast with the area to improve readability.

The three models are presented in a limited edition of 999 pieces.
The box has a size of 46 mm, is made of steel and have a black PVD finish. The tightness is guaranteed to 100 meters crown in all models is rosacada. The crystal is sapphire with anti-reflective treatment.

The Heading and Airspeed Indicator is equipped with an ETA 2892 caliber, while the Climb moves through an ETA 2897.

Chopard – Grand Monaco Historique Pirx

Chopard - Grand Monaco Historique Pirx1

The Automobile Club of Monaco organizes, since 1997, the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. A full-fledged career in the glamor and essence of motoring meet to relive the thrill of seeing cars racing legend. Chopard, as sponsor and official timekeeper for this test, this competition celebrates with the stopwatch “Grand Prix de Monaco Historique”.

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique
The “Grand Prix Historique Monaca” is a test car that was first held in 1997, the second edition was in 2000 and has since been held every two years and two weeks before the celebration of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix Formula 1. The ninth edition this year will be held on the 10th of May to the trials, and on 11 May the competition. The event was a true test of speed is organized by the Automobile Club Monte Carlo and runs through the legendary circuit of the Principality conceived in 1929 by Antony Noghes.

The series can be seen at this year’s seven distributed as follows. Series A: latest cars for 1939 Series B:. Motor from Formula 1 and Formula 2 built before 1961 Series C:.. Vehicles sport they have competed in international events between 1952 and 1955 Series D: Formula for cars. 1 of 1,500 cc engine between 1961 and 1965 Series E:. Motor Formula 1 between 1966 and 1972 Series F: F1 cars between 1973 and finally 1978 Series F:. Motor of 2000 cc Formula 3 engine between 1974 and 1978.

New collection of Chopard

This edition, which is the ninth, the Monaco Grand Prix Historique be held on 10 and 11 May 2014, as usual, two weeks before the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 – it is also the seventh consecutive in Chopard is a sponsor and official timekeeper. To date, Chopard presented a new chronograph model commemorating the race, but this year, the Geneva firm decided to develop an entirely new collection in which the chronograph will be the centerpiece. The chronograph “Grand Prix de Monaco Historique” is the first model of this new collection which debuts. A watch racing, both literally and metaphorically.

A larger box

Chopard’s bid to create a new collection is totally decided and this year’s model has no little new about the models of the previous editions. The aesthetic without losing the automobile spirit was completely remodeled. The box, made of titanium, has a larger size with 44.5 -2.1 millimeter diameter than the preceding box-models and 13.9 of thickness, and a more robust and customized design. The design of the box is the classical three-body with bezel, middle and background.

The profile of the bezel, executed in steel, similar to engine piston rings with scrapers. The two rings have a polished mirror finish, while the two slits have a black finish. A small detail that gives complexity and volume bezel. Its front is an insert of black aluminum with tachymeter scale numerals in silver and yellow indices.

The case middle has a satin finish, the handles are short and sharp lines. Both the crown and pushers of the chronograph functions have details that link the world of motor. Both pushbuttons incorporate a large drive slip at the front instead of the smooth buttons in the previous models. The crown, bolted to the middle, has generously sized grooves that give robustness. At the top you can see the engraving of a sports steering wheel with three arms and their characteristic round holes in them. The crown is flanked by two guards.

Also new this year is the closed bottom opposite the transparent background of recent editions. This is used for showing the logo of the “Grand Prix de Monaco Historique”. The fund is bolted to the middle by screws with a head resembling those used in motorsports.

Chopard - Grand Monaco Historique Pirx2

The housing assembly features a waterproof cataloged 100 meters, which is 10 atmospheres.

Aesthetics in the automotive field

The white area is presented which gives a circular volume and on which the other indications guilloche settle. The indications chronograph time measurements are vertical. A twelve-hour sub dial black color with a guilloche circle shows the counter thirty minutes. Six hours find another chronograph subdial with meter twelve hours and the same aesthetic as above. A nine hours a circular sub-dial and white background with guilloche seconds showing schedules.

Numerals are printed three sub-dials and indications have a batch script with thick strokes reminiscent of drawing pianos in racetracks.

The time stamps are rectangular in shape finalized in a tip pointing to the center of the sphere. All of them incorporate luminescent material and a smooth area in which the numeral minute schedules which also corresponds to the second hand is printed. All indicators are as united by a black ring with indications of minute white.

Encircling the latter a yellow ring serves reading fractions of second’s chronograph. It is a detail that should not go unnoticed but if you look closely you will see that there are three indications among the latter. If we add to these three indications the spaces between them to four-plus second-own indication of the scale will have eight black-references that allow us easy reading of the tenth in the treadmill for needle and matching the 1/8 of a second which is able to measure movement equipping the watch.

The hour and minute hands recall the particulars of watches from a car dashboard. Are generously sized, chamfered and focus part is filled with luminescent material, which allows reading in low light environment. The hands of the subdials are simple needle-shaped. The treadmill is stylized and topped with an arrowhead. The color of the hands showing the signs are chronograph yellow thus stand out from the black counters and are consistent both directions on the tachymeter scale bezel, as the ring that surrounds the area that allows the reading of the tenths of a second chronograph.

Within three hours, as a black plate with white script, the evidence that it is the anniversary model of the “Grand Prix Historique Monca”. Also a window three hours in the field to see the disk enables the date, in black and white also with the spelling.

A movement of competition

The movement that gives life to this model is based on a mythical caliber between chronographs: the Valjoux 7750-7750 ETA’sa today. This is one of the movements with chronograph function most used today because it proved to be a reliable, sturdy caliber and they can expect good performance both chronograph and lap times. Not surprisingly this model, like its recent predecessors, has chronometer certificate issued by COSC, which attests to its high performance driving variation regardless of the position of the clock and the conditions of environmental temperature.

Chopard - Grand Monaco Historique Pirx3

The construction of this type movement is integrated, its mechanical design has been conceived from the beginning to incorporate the chronograph function. The system used for activating different functions of the push buttons through cam type is. In particular there are three overlapping cams, each in a different way, allowing spread the movement buttons to perform three basic functions Chronograph: start leaving, stop and reset the treadmill and the needle counters.

The clutch system used to connect the shooting with the chronograph hour shoot is of the oscillating pinion. This is a shaft with a sprocket at each end connecting each with a shoot. When you enable this Chronograph pinion tilt oscillation so as to connect the two shooting.

Wheel assembly / spiral 28,800 beats per hour is equivalent to an oscillation frequency of 4 Hz and the regulation system of the gear change is made via an index which acts eccentrically on the racket. The shock system that protects the wheel axle pivot is Incabloc type.

One of the most unique features of this movement lies in transmitting vibration when the rotor rotates, so dizzying, counter-charging dock motor sense is a unidirectional rotor load in one direction of rotation. It is a pleasure to see how purrs in hand.

It is equipped with a single barrel that provides a power reserve of up to 46 hours.

Sport in the name of Good: presentation of new IWC watches


June 19 in Moscow boutique IWC Schaffhausen hosted a presentation of the eighth clock, which were issued in conjunction with the fund Laureus “Sport in the name of good.”


Watch from this line are decorated with children’s drawings, win the competition, which is usually preceded by the release of each new Laureus. Best work at this time was recognized picture Masha Nikulin, girl from Izhevsk, member of the movement “Russian Special.” Picture adorns the back cover model IWC Portuguese Chronograph Classic Edition, which is released in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.


The watch case is 42 mm in diameter made of steel. The model comes with a blue dial on a leather strap, which is made by Santoni. Novelty is equipped with an automatic mechanism 89361. Feature hours IWC Portuguese Chronograph Classic Edition is as follows: the chronograph hands to measure time with the additional scale  markup.


Imitation Rolex watches a viable choice for many


The brand Rolex has been considered a prestigious one in the watch making industry. The watches manufactured by Rolex have been revered all across the world and are high in demand due to their distinct attributes, which include but are not limited to;

  1. Perfection
  2. Efficient performance
  3. Style and glamour

In fact the Rolex brand has been considered as a heritage brand and those who wear the genuine Rolex seldom replace their watches. The exquisite models in these watches are often transferred from one generation to another as a family heirloom. The Rolex watches are Swiss made and their price range fluctuates from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.  Rolex was established by Wilsforf and David but later on the brand name Rolex was registered for the company in the year 1908. These luxury watches are one of a kind and often on the wish list of many across the globe. The main reason for this popularity is that these watches have stayed true to their tradition of innovation. Rolex was the first brand in watches to;

  1. Introduce waterproof watch cases
  2. Introduce engraving of dates on the watch dials

Today these watches can be bought not only from the genuine flagship stores from around the world but also from the authentic online watch retails and shops. Even the company itself allows the individuals from around the world to shop from its website in a hassle free manner. But the reality is that not all have the budget to buy the classic and genuine models of Rolex. In order to add charisma to their personalities through the personal accessories most of the individuals often invest in buying a good quality imitation Rolex watch.

These imitation watches have the same look and feel like the original models of Rolex. Some of the quality imitation options in Rolex watches are undistinguishable from their original models. However, when it comes to buying these imitation Rolex models the individuals should make sure that they search about the original models first to learn about its features and the looks. Then, when they are buying the imitated copies of the same they can opt for the closest option. The markets are flooded with the Rolex imitation watches and the customers can find a model of their choice or preferences and budget easily. Still those who are not satisfied with the quality or the model options available in their local markets can always opt for online shopping for the imitation Rolex watches.


Reasons People Choose Omega Watches

Omega_WatchesWearing a fine watch is a sign that you have arrived.  It is also a part of the professional person’s uniform.  A business suit, a fine briefcase and a classic watch tell the world that you are among the leaders in your field.  Depending on your proclivities, you will select a watch brand that speaks to your values.  There are many fine watches on the market and Omega watches carry a certain cache not available among their competitors.

In particular, there are two aspects of Omega watches that appeal to buyers.  The first is their heritage.  Since 1848, Omega has provided the world with precision timepieces.  Started by Louis Brandt in Switzerland, the company was transformed by his sons.  In 1894, they created the Omega watch for which they would name the company.  It was characterized by a certain kind of caliber or internal movement and helped make the company famous.  In 1917, Britain’s fighter pilots chose Omega as did the US Army in World War I.  Omega has been the official timekeeper for 24 Olympic games, including the most recent in London.

The second aspect of great interest to buyers is the ability of Omega watches to maintain precision time.  Starting in 1947, the company released a watch with a particular type of movement that broke the record for precision.  In 1999, it came out with the coaxial escapement, which reduced the need for lubrication, providing a longer life and more accurate time.  In 2013, the company introduced a watch with the best resistance to strong magnetic fields.

If you choose to purchase a luxury timepiece that carries with it a strong heritage as well as a history of innovation, Omega should be your watch.  It also provides precision that cannot be beat.  You can find these timepieces online.  View our exquisite line of Omega watches.


Show Him What Time It Is with Wenger Watches


Guys love getting great timepieces like the fantastic watches from Wenger watches. Take a second to think about the man in your life. Just imagine the kinds of things that he likes to do. Typical manly activities include camping, hiking, and staying active. Not every watch is designed to stand up to the kind of abuse a man can dish out. You can make sure that the present you give him doesn’t end up buried in the sock drawer by making sure you buy a watch of great quality. Continue reading “Show Him What Time It Is with Wenger Watches”

Liu-Jo Enjoy

Liu-Jo Enjoy

Description :

Enjoy the colors! Elisa De Giovanni

Want brilliance and color, distinction, summer of fun?

Enjoy! It ‘a warm invitation to have fun, to enjoy life, not to take themselves too seriously and’ just what we suggest a new collection of Liu Jo Luxury Watches , brand born in 2006, which focused all requests Girl (and woman) Modern: Freshness, simplicity, economy and especially color!
Continue reading “Liu-Jo Enjoy”

Festina Sport F16608 / 5 Multi-function Man.


Description :

At Festina Sport F16608 / 5, belonging to the Elegance line, you certainly can not be faulted for a watch whatever. Fashionable? Sports? Elegant? Informal? Modern?

It probably contains within itself all these lifestyles because it fits perfectly and is at ease in any situation rarely found in watches trade so versatile, especially considering the price range at which it is sold.
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