A unique exhibition hours Cartier Time Art

A unique exhibition


From August 26 to November 6, 2011 in Zurich will be a new exhibition of Cartier Time Art exclusive watches famous Swiss brand Cartier. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the history of the company and to discover new facets of advanced models of the brand. The exhibition is at the Museum Bellerive, which is home to collections of applied art.
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A unique collection of Tourbillon Hommage a Boucheron

A unique collection


It is believed that the language of stones – it is the language of feelings. Each stone has its own, its specific characteristics and history. Lapis lazuli, the noble stone-colored sky, which for centuries accompanied the man and has always been considered a sacred stone. For ancient peoples, he was one of the most beloved and vysokotsenimyh gems and often used in jewelry of royalty. Ancient Sumerians and the Egyptians called lapis “stone of heaven” and how many other civilizations that existed even six thousand years ago, considered him one of the most expensive stone, using it as a measure of value.
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Unique Pocket Watches Bovet for auction Only Watch

Unique Pocket Watches


For the September auction Only Watch 2011 all the most famous Swiss companies have prepared an exclusive watch. However, Bovet, it seems, has presented perhaps the most trivial watch: both wrist and pocket, and even desktop if you wish. Such complex transformations hours made possible by a patented system Amadeo ® Convertible.
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Dial-miniature with a falcon



In May In 2011 the famous watchmaker Angular Momentum has released a new collection of Falcon Collection, consisting of unique models of watches, the reverse side of the sapphire crystal, which is decorated with miniature images of falcons in the style Verre Eglomise.
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