Japan, Casio is working on the Russian watch market for a long time, so you can draw conclusions about her experiences strategies and future plans. A conclusion to date suggests a: Casio aims to become popular for the Russian consumer brand hour mass in all areas of the middle segment. So certainly an original and winning was the last (of many rather unexpected) step of the company – right after the presentation of models ‘technical’ series G-Shock Pro Trek and release a brand new series of elegant women’s watches Sheen.
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Watch for an adult or an alarm clock with a twist



It is very difficult to get up in the morning after partying? Tired of terrible squeaking sound of an old, half-broken tone. At your bachelor abode there is no one to wake up, cuddle, making a very pleasant awakening? Then a new, unique of its kind alarm clock, which appeared on the market recently gadgets, you’ll like it. These things look very nice invention and attractive. Relatively large, equal to 1.8 “, LCD display with display time and good lighting. On such a big screen and there is morning ritual of awakening in the form of semi-nude blonde dancing around a pole.
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