Speake-Marin Spirit Mark 2

Speake-Marin Spirit Mark 2

Description :

The new Mark 2 Spirit is a reinterpretation of the watch Speake-Marin Spirit appeared last year, which saw the Salon QP now exhausted its 68 parts provided, one of the new 2012 models, such as Classic HMS, always with the classic cash Piccadilly style, but thinner in size. As in the first version has remained the same message engraved on the case back “Fight, Love & Persevere”.
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Acetime always in the spirit of the times



EuroAce Enterprises Ltd. Acetime registered the brand in the early 90’s in Germany. Over time he became associated not only with reasonable pricing policy, which initially holds the company, but also with high quality products. EuroAce not just the owner of the watch brand, the company is also a major shareholder of several plants in China and Taiwan, and therefore directly controls the quality of production of parts of mechanisms and assembly hours. Therefore, at all hours Acetime given two-year warranty.
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