The new hours Currency:Spanish Frank

The new hours Currency


In addition to statistics and financial calculations, there are many external factors, which can accurately determine the current state of European watchmaking industry. One of them – the emergence new names of the list manufacturers. And the name, originally designed to place in the top segment, associated with elite complications and combinations thereof.
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Loto Esineydena hours

Esineydena hours


Spanish designer Loto Esineyden (Loyto Esineiden) previously known to us with his concept of clock speedo under the name “Koko Muo” decided once again to surprise people and introduced a new concept watch called the KUU. Hours KUU performed in a very interesting and creative design with a crescent moon on the dial. No, you do not think that these watches are designed to determine the time of day, they, like all the usual hours indicate the time, but that’s just a way to determine the time of this clock is not the easiest.
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