Hi-Density Plastic bags for selling your watches and electronics product

watch-plastic-bagsPlastic pouches are bags that are custom made for a particular reason or occasion. These merchandise bags usually have logos, emblems or designs on them and can be in a variety of colors or a specific color. These can be shown separately or with specific items and products that are suitable for the event for which they were specifically ordered. They are generally classified in bulk, since only large gatherings of the demand for such bags. Companies place bulk orders for bags of goods bearing their logo during certain stages, conferences and large-scale meetings.

The color opaque adhesive closure Hi-Density Merchandise Bags protects your goods from dust and moisture while ensuring confidentiality. Its sticky tape gives you the option to open and close at will. The plastic bags are perfect for color products, brochures, important documents… Continue reading “Hi-Density Plastic bags for selling your watches and electronics product”

Cedric Yoner – a new product manager for brand BLACKSAND



The famous Swiss brand BLACKSAND collaborated with the renowned master watch Cedric Yonerom Affairs. From the first in June 2011 Cedric Yoner was appointed product manager. The famous clockmaker, whose ten-year experience in the famous Swiss watch companies, he is the founder of the company’s own Cedric Johner.
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