Pre-Baselworld 2013: Omega Constellation Sedna

Preview Baselworld 2013 Omega Constellation Sedna is the first timepiece to be made of gold 18K Sedna ™. This watch limited edition blends the timeless lines of a well known collection with the world premiere of a new material.

Sedna ™ is the name Omega watches gave a new alloy that combines three elements: gold, copper and palladium. The end result is an 18K pink gold, which means it has a minimum content of 75% gold. Sedna presents a unique pink color which highlights the right proportion of copper: the palladium content helps to ensure that the reddish tinge of gold Sedna has a long durability.

This Constellation is named after a trans-Neptunian object that astronomers called Sedna – the same name of a goddess Inuit who says living on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. The surface of this celestial body has been described as one of the most reddish in our Solar System.

Swatch Group formed a team of experts in metallurgy and scholars from many of its companies with the common goal of creating a 18-carat pink gold alloy whose color is not only beautiful but durable. The alloy Sedna ™ is patented.

Pre-Baselworld 2013 Omega Constellation Sedna

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