GPHG 2012: MB & F Legacy Machine # 1 wins 2 awards

GPHG 2012 MB & F Legacy Machine # 1 wins 2 awards

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On 15 November we held the 12th edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve, watches class has a dedicated ‘in-depth article on the award GPHG 2012. During the prestigious event, all participants a single clock, however, was able to win – not one but two awards: he is MB & F Legacy Machine No. 1 LM1 which won both the Prize for the Best Men’s Watch, is the prize of the public.
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Watches – washing machine



Quite often it happens that you include a kettle, an oven, put the next meal on the pan and that the long wait, going to the computer, play a little or do something else. But usually the electronic world is so addictive that you can forget about the kettle, frying pan or oven and return only when you hear the smell of burnt.
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