An internet conference with Jean-Claude Bive

Jean-Claude Bive


Of course, the famous Jean-Claude Bive after the news of his resignation as director general of the watch company Hublot one would expect any surprises. In his place was appointed Ricardo Guadalupe, and Jean-Claude, remaining chairman of the board, like in all logic, was to go into the shadows … But instead, opened a series of online conferences in the style of living communion with the fans, for example, our president.
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The first internet-Ambassador Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross


Watchmaker Bell & Ross is pleased to introduce its first Internet-ambassador Simon Cuddy, who joined the department of digital brand. This is the first in the history of Internet time ambassador of the brand.

However, such innovation on behalf of this watch brand Bell & Ross is not surprising, because she was one of the first to master the Internet space.
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Watches that tell the weather



Because of this unusual gadget is now much easier to control the weather. If previously it was necessary to go to the Internet and look for a dedicated website or include a TV and wait for the weather forecast, you can now simply buy a gadget and know what the weather is expected today and tomorrow. But this additional functionality the gadget does not end there. This device – this is, above all, watch. As with all modern clocks, this device has a built-in alarm clock. Everything else, the clock shows not only the weather, but also many other important factors such as wind speed and atmospheric pressure. Also on display the week.
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Luxury Watches Internet

Luxury Watches


Shopping online is an increasingly safer. It is a very convenient way when buying a gift for someone who lives far away or in another part of the country. It also allows sellers from other countries to sell original products at a lower price. Besides online stores have lower prices because they have less expenses of sale that can directly impact their products.
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