Christopher Ward is his green novelty



British watchmaker Christopher Ward, founded in 2004, has released a new product C7 Rapide MK II, done in dark green color. The model combines a sporty watch the 50s with a touch of, associated with many of Britain’s brilliant victories in the field of sports.
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“Green” watches



If you’re a person, not indifferent to the environmental challenges facing our planet, then the clock – for you. eSO2 – the so-called gadget, invented and constructed by scientists at Columbia University, James Kershaw and Chad Gurney. This is absolutely new in the world of watches and their main characteristic is that they are able to recycle carbon dioxide and thus purify the environment.
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Hours on the water



Green, ie environmentally friendly technologies are becoming more important than ever – one of the major trends in modern engineering is to create devices that work and on environmentally friendly materials and wastes do not produce much. Now you can buy devices that operate not on gasoline, electricity or coal, and in the air, wind and water. In this article we are primarily interested in water, for hours, we’ll look at this work on the water.
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