Hamilton: 50 years of electronic clocks

electronic clocks


For half a century, digital clock made a brilliant career with a sensational takeoff and landing under the influence of a sobering market and political realities. On the market today quartz movements, often simple, are for the most part, little to do with the art of engineering 50s.
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New hours RumbaTime Go and electronic payments

New hours


Either way, the electronic money is increasingly present in our lives. In the plans of politicians in the next few years may have been completely replaced by electronic money paper counterparts. And today, NFC technology for payment systems penetrate the area of electronic watches. And if you are already quite possible to pay for something through Google Wallet with the same smartphone, why not adapt to this electronic wristwatch?
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The unity of mechanical and electronic components

The unity of mechanical


Selsius X VI II LeDIX – a unique device. It connected just two high-end product: a luxury phone and accurate mechanical watch with a car factory. For this unusual combination will have to pay a considerable amount of money and this amount exceeds the cost of a new car. The idea of creating the device came up with the famous engineer Thomas Pryuvotu long ago in 2005.
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