Casio GA150MF-7A


On metallic surfaces using three-dimensional dial color is adopted, as the reflection of the light to change the look and distinctive design has been completed. The base, the face, using monotone color prominently than is tough, but in the presence Color Street, the scene in the shining, the ring Big Case series of G-SHOCK is.


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The unique color in the new women’s watch ArtyA 1/1 Set!

women's watch


New creature skilled watchmaker and a talented designer Ivan Arpa, to surprise the audience demanding the hour for their unique creations was another unique and beautiful creation for the beautiful half of humanity – women’s watch ArtyA 1/1 Set. This model is a strange and wonderful combination of diamonds and purple dial. 38 mm stainless steel watch case artfully decorated by hand 725 diamonds of various sizes totaling 3 carats, with the help of which was born a beautiful creation.
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Time collection in full color for the new watches U.S. Polo Assn

watches U.S. Polo Assn


Mahatma Gandhi docet: “We must make the best use of free time.”

Thought fully shared by polo players who manage to have fun sneaking in as a team dedicated to real challenges of team spirit and healthy competition. In short, the sporting capital “S” capable of giving rise to extraordinary performances in the saddle their horses, armed only with clubs ready to strike rebels bamboo wooden balls.
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Novye color dials to watch from Anonimo Militare Vintage

Novye color


The famous Italian watch company Anonimo in September 2011 has expanded the collection Militare Vintage models with two dials, black and parchment shades. Line Militare Vintage – a tribute to the days when the first military watch. The success of Militare, published in 2001, inspired the company to create a new line Militare Vintage.
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New Dior VIII – four color and cut baguette

New Dior


The fashion house Dior in August 2011 launched a new collection of women’s watches Dior VIII in four-color versions, encrusted baguette cut diamonds.
The number 8 is not by chance standing next to the name of the company. It is a lucky number for the brand.
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Determine the time of color

Determine the time of color


Today’s wristwatch – which only modern designs were not embodied in them. You’ll find hundreds of copies of the hours in which time is recorded in the form of certain signs, symbols and binary written in reverse order. And all this for those who prefer interesting solutions using standard recording Arabic or Roman numerals. The usual direction is also not always been used – it is used in some devices, even small plastic butterflies. Of course, to determine the time on this watch is not as easy as usual. But what if you learn how to determine when not on the numbers and the color?
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