What equipment do I need to consider a watch?

watchesPlease have at least a watchmaker’s loupe or account-son, and a small knife and examine the coveted object from all angles. How to review a watch? After checking (if any) documents thereto (warranty certificate, certificate of timing official dealer invoice …), do not forget to ask about operations maintenance performed on the shows, when the last revision and that she was was made. Now you can proceed to the thorough examination of the watch.


  • Appearance? (excellent, good, fair)
  • All needles are they in place?, are they not bent or not they lack tritium?,
  • The bracelet is in good condition? (even if you replace a leather strap, it will tell you a lot about the maintenance of the watch)
  • The watch is clean?
  • Do you feel attracted and confident or not?
  • Operating state.

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