Casio GWX5600B-7


Was born “G-SHOCK G shock” in 1983, its biggest feature is robust, and it do not break specification to fall from an altitude of equivalent. These features are preferred to the soldiers on the battlefield activity is representative of the harsh environment, which is also favored the United States Navy Special Forces.

And one of the characteristics of the G-SHOCK, a wide variety of functions and the like, specifically, stopwatch and timer function, in addition to the alarm function, depending on the product, high pressure water or dust, mud-proof, the barometer, depth finder, a thermometer, a clock radio, solar cells, ultra-hard coating, such as world time display function has been introduced.

In Japan, in “Speed” movie of the public in 1994, since the protagonist played by Keanu Reeves had to wear a G-SHOCK, popularity has been much enhanced.

Casio GWX5600B-7

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