Novye color dials to watch from Anonimo Militare Vintage

Novye color


The famous Italian watch company Anonimo in September 2011 has expanded the collection Militare Vintage models with two dials, black and parchment shades. Line Militare Vintage – a tribute to the days when the first military watch. The success of Militare, published in 2001, inspired the company to create a new line Militare Vintage.
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Wristwatches Anonimo Ivan Basso Hi Dive watch



The famous Florentine watchmaker Anonimo, representing excellent dive watches and clocks military, in cooperation with Ivan Basso (Ivan Basso) this month introduced a new model watches the Anonimo Ivan Basso Hi Dive watch.

This exclusive model is presented in a limited edition and is devoted to the famous cyclist and his passion for watches Ivan Basso, as well as his victory in the Giro d’Italia 2010. Ivan Basso himself and his teammates are already proud owners of a luxury chronograph, which will soon be available to a wider audience. Anonimo Watch company intends to release only 150 copies, which certainly is not enough for such a fine chronometer. Because of this unique timepiece bears the name of Ivan Basso, is not surprising that he actively participated in its design. Racing champion Ivan Basso is an avid fan of wristwatches Anonimo.
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