Hours Manicure

Description: Graft nails – no longer fashionable, comfortable and certainly not original. Instead, now you can wear on your nails … watch! And thus to surprise everyone around you. This new world of technology created quite a stir in the competition “Timex2154: The Future of Time”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of watchmaking.

Elusive wristwatch without dial from David Blank

Description: Swift pace of the modern world does not allow for frills and a slow but sure step in all areas of design is minimalism. Spacious apartments with bathrooms, furnished only necessary items, ultrathin laptops, mobile phones, which consist of a single display, electronic tablets. You can indefinitely continue this list.

An extravagant model for the Only Watch

Description: Company Celsius X VI II presented its model – a hybrid of mechanical clocks and cell phone for a charity auction Only Watch. Celsius X VI II first among watch companies, which brings together mobile phone with the “anatomy” of the mechanical clock. Design-hours phone is inspired by the world of racing. Sleek and […]

Casio: Who owns the information, owns the time

Description: Japanese company Casio one of the first came to the conclusion that the wristwatch – the best place to store databases. Notebooks, organizers and mobile phones are not always available. And watch – that they are at hand, rather on the hand, the desired information is retrieved in seconds, and, importantly, the battery does […]

Watches with Bluetooth – what for?

A watch is usually a small accessory used to count the time passing by. These timepieces, typically put on one’s wrist or attached on a chain and carried in a pocket, either in one‘s pants or shirt. However, nowadays wristwatches are the most common type of watch used. Their evolution boomed 17th century from the […]