Corum wristwatches for FC Zenit

Description: Corum watch company frequently sponsors various sporting events, but Zenith was the first football club, which collaborates with Corum. In March this year, President watch company has signed an agreement Calci Antonio for the first year of sponsorship. As promised, Corum represent in this framework exclusive watches with the logo of FC Zenit on […]

Elusive wristwatch without dial from David Blank

Description: Swift pace of the modern world does not allow for frills and a slow but sure step in all areas of design is minimalism. Spacious apartments with bathrooms, furnished only necessary items, ultrathin laptops, mobile phones, which consist of a single display, electronic tablets. You can indefinitely continue this list.

BALL wristwatch in honor Celsius

Description: Let us consider in detail the new clock BALL Trainmaster Celsius, which were first presented at the exhibition this year’s Basel World. This watch (Ref. NT1050D-LJ-SLC) is now possible to buy in Russia. As you know, the new hours are devoted to the Swedish scientist Anders Celsius, who invented the scale of temperature measurement.