Watch company Baume & Mercier celebrates Christmas with 200 thousand fans

Description: Where does the figure of 200 000 fans Baume & Mercier? In fact, she only looks great – in some Rolex fans, no less. Only here the Baume & Mercier came up as to count them on the head – thanks to the official Facebook page and subscribe to its users. In gratitude “for […]

Zenith watch company and an award by Norman Mailer

Description: Zenith watch company introduced its watches in a new light: as an ideal instrument for measuring time, writers, journalists, artists and other creative people who have dedicated their lives to finding answers to questions about the laws of life. To this end watch company sponsored events celebrating annual award by Norman Mailer.

Overlapping time in the new model HLQ Classic from the watch company Hautlence!

Description: Swiss watchmaker Hautlence pleasantly surprised her fans a new classical model HLQ Classic, which is quite remarkable and interesting creation due to its unique designer incarnation. The new model incorporated all the characteristic elements of the most famous collection of Hautlence – HL.