Exclusive models from Hamilton Ventura for the heroes of the new film “Men in Black”

Description: The legendary watchmaker Hamilton , known in the watch market with exclusive models, has released a new model specifically for the special agents Ventura fiction blockbuster “Men in Black 3ยป (Men In Black 3). This is a continuation of the film “Men in Black 2.” The main characters of a Hollywood movie – Jay […]

Hamilton Ventura 50th Anniversary Specials

Description: January 3, 1957 representatives of the American company Hamilton gathered in the lobby of Savoy Plaza Hotel in New York, the representatives of the press to provide them with a revolutionary new product – Watches Ventura. In addition to public attention attracted UNUSUAL FORM OF ASYMMETRIC CASE, it is also the world’s first electronic […]

Hamilton Becomes Closer

Description: YEAR big move Three years ago, Hamilton has completed its move from the U.S. to Switzerland. The company not only manufacture and moved headquarters to Bill – have changed the clock itself. While that product Hamilton remained a cult image of U.S. military and kinochasov, the company has systematically changed their style and quality, […]