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Explore Romantic French Style

When you think about a French lifestyle, you probably think about quaint little sidewalk cafes, glamorous fashions, and beautiful rural farm houses. Whatever you imagine, you’re likely to imagine romantic style that’s synonymous with French design.

The French have a knack for a design style that mixes old world charm with contemporary flair. It’s quite common to see a French home filled with beautiful antiques that are blended effortlessly with bold modern accessories. Although this may seem like an odd pairing of styles, the French make it work with stunning style that’s elegant, as well as comfortable and inviting.
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man fashion

Solutions to Five Fashion Dilemmas of Big and Tall Men

Finding big and tall men’s clothing can be quite a challenge. When you go to a department store, there are only very few choices for supersized guys like us. If you need to buy a suit, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that fits you! This is why a lot of us have no choice but to get our clothes custom-made.

If you’re looking for help finding clothes that fit you without sacrificing your appearance and fashion sense, here are some tips you can use:
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Stunning Irish Claddagh Jewelry

If you’re searching for a gift for yourself or a loved one, check out stunning Irish Claddagh jewelry. Reputable online retailers provide exquisite pieces which will show off your Irish heritage or love for Irish tradition. There is a wonderful selection of Irish Claddagh jewelry to choose from which includes:-

  1. Rings
  2. Earrings
  3. Pendants

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wedding jewelry

Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Jewellery

Wedding dresses are a major aspect of consideration during the wedding planning process. Jewelry helps to bring out the best features of the dress and complement its design. Many modern brides prefer to avoid matching all their accessories according to aspects such as color and want to be more adventurous with their pieces.

Diamond Mangalsutra Price Online

You can express your unique sense of style by mixing and matching different items while still maintaining a clear theme. Blending different tones and shapes is an interesting way to accessorize your dress. It is also a good idea to combine vintage and contemporary looks for a creative contrast.
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5 Ways to Make Your Christmas a Trendy Affair

This holiday season, despite being the time for joy and kindness and all things of good character, the holiday sheepishly inches towards the more material importance of fashion and good looks. Essentially, the need to stay on top of the game in all things fashion must be of utmost importance. However, the fashion police can be accommodating of those occupied by worries graver than the everyday ensemble question.
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Applying foundation like a professional – Some tips to help

These days, it seems that everyone is becoming extremely beauty conscious and will go to any extent to look beautiful. While aging women are opting for hormone treatment therapies to try and maintain a youthful complexion, the younger generation is doing everything that they can to keep that look intact. Beauty products have evolved over time and there are different kinds of advancements in the range of beauty kits for women. When applying makeup for any occasion, the most essential item is foundation.
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Choose the perfect fashion ring for your finger

Fashion rings have become very popular amongst women of all age group in the present world. As women are very particular about their style and taste, they prefer to choose a design that will match with their personality. A fashion ring has different materials such as base metals, synthetic stones, ivory, shells, polymer clay, glass beads and plastic. If you are finding it difficult to pick up an exclusive design, then you need to shop around in order to get the right fashion ring.
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nato watch

Choosing a Fashionable NATO Watch Strap

Watch straps have evolved from traditional metal bands to the many diffrent trendy and fashionable woven cloth and leather straps that are available on the market today. Many watches these days are designed so the owner can easily change the strap, whenever the mood suits. This means consumers have a wide range of options, regardless of which brand of watch they own. The NATO watch strap is a unique option that was originally designed in 1973 for members of the British military. Back then, it was called the G10, but today’s versions of this classic strap are available for an affordable price at This heavy-duty strap is available in multiple colors and made of lightweight nylon and durable ballistic nylon. You can also find NATO straps made of refined or rustic leather.
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Ronald Winston: A Steady Hand and a Broad Mind

Like his father and grandfather before him, Ronald Winston began his life in the jewelry trade, something reflected in the fact that, aged nearly 70, he was still personally approving the cuts and designs of every piece of jewelry created in the famous Fifth Avenue workshop and salon opened by his father in 1960. With a lifelong apprenticeship at the feet of the world’s single most famous jeweler, he could hardly have ended up doing anything else.
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Full grown Ladies

Design Tips for Full grown Ladies

As ladies develop, it’s a test to make sense of how to seem sharp without appearing as though you are attempting to recover lost youth. Ladies can be in vogue without taking after the most recent crazes that may not be suitable for full grown ladies watch pawn . Ladies’ design has advanced during that time so it permits full grown ladies to add to their own particular style with regards to apparel, cosmetics, and haircuts that compliment them.
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