Best Watch Company Offices Around The World

When you think of the best offices around the world, your normal thoughts would turn to the likes of Google headquarters, or Microsoft. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that some of the best offices around the world actually belong to watch companies, proving that no matter what industry you are in, you can […]

BaselWorld 2012: The Watch Company The Chinese Timekeeper (CTK) is a novelty

Description: The Chinese company The Chinese Timekeeper (CTK) presented at the annual international exhibition hour watches STC 08 – Small Second Automatic (Ref: STK08). Design clock is designed in black and white contrast. Watch case is made in the technically modern design, in a duet of stainless steel and black PVD coating.

New watches from the Swiss watch company Zeitwinkel at BaselWorld 2012

Description: At Baselworld 2012 Swiss watchmaker Zeitwinkel presented a classic men’s wrist watches Zeitwinkel 273 °. It should be noted that the design and mechanism designed exclusively to watch manufactory company Zeitwinkel. Models of this company have an exclusive manufactory caliber Zw0102 and Zw0103. Zeitwinkel means “time angle”, which is used to calculate the exact […]

Chronoswiss watch company bought

Description: After 28 years of management time by Chronoswiss Gerd-Rudiger Lang last year otoshol of business. Instead, he appointed himself Sigrun Schillings, Heinen and Charles Joseph Burgmayera. Today, the company left the Sigrun Schillings, Heinen – perhaps due to the fact that now in the process of purchasing a watch company Chronoswiss Swiss businessman.