Watches: surge in European sales. Swiss brands win

Description: At Baselworld 2011 was published a very interesting field of study with regard to the European market watch. In particular, Italy GfK Retail and Technology , a leader in market research, has released the sales data of clocks in Italy, France, England, Germany and the Netherlands in 2010. Result: these countries have reached 28.8 […]

An Ideal Wedding Watch

Wedding remains the penultimate event in any person’s life. Regardless of one’s social background, this event needs (rather demands) everyone to be at its best. And rightly so, after all it is the pinnacle of one’s life. The happiness one feels that day is unsurmountable and is totally justified. This happiness and joy is manifested […]

Basis Peak, a new watch that quantifies and attending your training

Quantifiers and smart watches are the gadgets of the moment, so, for a while we started to receive the result of the combination of both products. Today we present a new clock that quantifies and attending your training, called Basis Peak. Of care dimensions and with a monochrome touch screen which is protected by Gorilla […]

Festina Watches

The Festina Group is one of the best reality in the world watch market. Created in 1984 by entrepreneur Spanish Miguel Rodrigez, has achieved excellent results over three decades, making it one of the groups that have been growing faster than the competition in the segment of medium position.

Swatch Group turnover 2012: 1 billion more than in 2011

Description : Swatch Group reported in 2012 gross sales of CHF 8.143 billion, surpassing last year so a billion or +14.0%. Strong brands of the Group have proven their success in 2012 in all regions and all price segments, particularly outside of Greater China, earning further significant market shares. It is thus an increase in […]