Unique Watches Parmigiani Tonda new 1950 Special Edition

Description: The famous Swiss brand Parmigiani Fleurier has released a limited edition model Tonda 1950. These watches are created to honor the founder of the company – Michel Parmidzhiani. Naturally, such a watch simply can not be something quite special. And so the clock Tonda 1950 Special Edition released in quantities of 60 copies.

Unique watches with complications at the December auction Antiquorum

Description: December 8, 2011 WAS the last auction of Antiquorum, Whose Sales totaled $ 03.05 million. The Collection consists of Modern and vintage Watches, Has captured the Attention of More Than 357 registered bidders Online. The Bidding Took an active buyers from Japan Part, Russia, China, UK, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Unique Pocket Watches Bovet for auction Only Watch

Description: For the September auction Only Watch 2011 all the most famous Swiss companies have prepared an exclusive watch. However, Bovet, it seems, has presented perhaps the most trivial watch: both wrist and pocket, and even desktop if you wish. Such complex transformations hours made possible by a patented system Amadeo ® Convertible.

HYT – unique Hours

Singular Hours The vast majority of developments and innovations in the field of watchmaking focus first on improving the chronometric performance, then include several complications in one watch, and finally aesthetic modifications to carry a design of specific motion, and either reduce one dimension, as in the case of ultra-thin-or expand them in three watches […]

Unique model Inversion Principle of Fonderie 47

Description : The watch brand Fonderie 47 announces the release of its unique new items Inversion Principle. Design patterns Inversion Principle was designed by Adrian Glessingom. In the new merged several complications: a three-minute tourbillon, located in the center of the dial, “jumping” hour in the box at the top of the dial and the […]

Unique novelty Winter from Gustafsson & Sjogren

Description : Swedish watch brand Gustafsson & Sjogren announces the release of its new limited hours Winter, who entered the collection of Nordic Seasons. The technology, like the previous model of the same collection, was developed watchmaker Patrik Sjogren in cooperation with the blacksmith – klinochnikom Johan Gustafsson.