Watches: surge in European sales. Swiss brands win

Description: At Baselworld 2011 was published a very interesting field of study with regard to the European market watch. In particular, Italy GfK Retail and Technology , a leader in market research, has released the sales data of clocks in Italy, France, England, Germany and the Netherlands in 2010. Result: these countries have reached 28.8 […]

Luxury Brands

Description: The luxury watch brands recognized the world over are supported primarily by its trajectory and the image they give to the public. At present the consumer preferred brands of luxury watches are Rolex, Cartier, Omega, TAG Heuer and Citizen, all with a long history of technological innovation and global style.

Which country does the best chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the enjoyably treats in the world. Even the name itself waters the mouth and probably only a small majority in the world are not fond of chocolate. It is arguably the best gift a person can give to anyone irrespective to the relationship or the age. Apart from the good taste, […]