Casio GWA1000FC-2A

Description : These new models are the new additions to the Gravity Defier lineup of timepieces Aviation preferred by pilots the world over. Triple G Resist construction makes them atto withstand the shock of dropping gravitational forces, centrifugal G-forces, and vibration. Smart Access capabilities enable intuitive, simple-to-master operation, and a temperature sensor Provides temperature readings […]

Casio GW9000A-1

Description : This Casio the Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch clay figurine series watch, anti-mud, shockproof, waterproof, resistant to low temperature of minus 20 degrees. Resin Case strap, dial diameter 46mm, 200m waterproof, 5 Bureau of radio receiver school, although they can not receive domestic Shangqiu station signal, but in remote areas in […]

Casio GW9200-1

Description : Casio for 25 years refines his concussion-proof collection, proving that the watch is a delicate product, which need to be careful, but a reliable companion more than the owner. In addition to the basic features which are G-Shocki, GW-9200 is the first model with 6-band radio-controlled (2 x EU, USA, 2 x Japan, […]

Casio GR7900NV-2

Description : To the number of the most sought after watch brands in street fashion circles, famous Japanese manufacturer Casio ‘s G-Shock series is definitely among the best fashion lovers almost hand a Recently, Casio G-Shock also brought two new Solar Military watch. In addition to begin with matt navy blue color rendering is also […]

Casio GR8900NV-2

Descriptions : Now rarely watch brands like Casio G-Shock has been in love with sports the Wind and military wind watch design, colorful style and diverse market, the Japanese brand also maintains the consistent nature of the tough guy, and more recently was on two new design military form Solar Military addiction had enough of […]

Casio GWX8900B-7

Description: Department of Casio America Inc has decided to make a gift to fans of new silhouettes in the line clock G-LIDE: GLX150 GWX8900B and the summer period. Best-selling housing in the U.S. now has acquired a new look in a model G-LIDE GLX150 to be able to have an even better performance durability. Old […]

Casio GW4000D-1A

Description: Can accurately display the time, is a trusted watch flight competition, even in harsh environments. Follow the GW-3000 anti-centrifugal force construct the dial and dial connections using the new shock structure. And the development of new aviation movement around in the movement to install insulating materials absorb vibration, can protect the internal movement not […]

Casio GW4000-1A

Description: By wrapping an alpha-gel ® belt around the module as well as adding a layer underneath it and oiled by Employing aluminum washers & o-rings beneath the screw heads That the band to secure the houses, the new Aviator is resistant blackberries now than ever to shock, vibration and centrifugal force. The dial has-been […]

Casio G5600KG-3

Description: A special forces attached to the screws that are deliberately hidden from the user’s eye and create a stunning visual effect (which is not only visually, but in reality, very strongly to protect the module clock). Each clock model in this collection has its own form of design that makes them look like, but […]