New Night Vision by TechnoMarine

Description: Watchmaker TechnoMarine, founded in 1997 by designer Frank Dyubbari always different from other watch brands. The founder of this brand has always said that “by their watches are not a luxury accessory, a souvenir from a vacation.” They released a number of sports chronographs, including beach waterproof chronograph with a translucent silicone case have […]

Summer continues with a bright palette of new hours of TechnoMarine Cruise Original

Description: Basing the watch brand TechnoMarine, designer Frank Dyubbari said that the clock of his company – “is not a luxury accessory and souvenir from holiday.” His statement, he confirmed the release of a series of chronographs with a bright color palette.

TechnoMarine presented a model of Cruise Original Lipstick

Description: TechnoMarine watch company has released quite a summer model wristwatch Cruise Original Lipstick. Design model supports the general fashion trends spring-summer season and at the same time brings its colorful solutions. An unusually bright and at the same time gentle crimson-colored Cruise Original Lipstick fully convey the festive mood.