Rolex catalog 2012: The new products presented at BaselWorld

Description : That is a name more than a symbol. Rolex is a must for all lovers of luxury watches who love the brand as the essence of style and precision. Each model Rolex is indeed the perfect combination of technology and design, classic shapes and timeless that Are relived in each collection with a […]

Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea, 116660, WR 3900 m Part 1

Description : In 1926 Rolex made the first waterproof watch case and happens to call them boxes Oyster “Ostra” from entoces always been a brand that has taken great care of their watches leakproof, water was the enemy number one of the gauges and the creation of these boxes was a breakthrough and salvation for […]

The awards ceremony Rolex Awards for Enterprise in New Delhi

Description : Mysterious country India for the first time in the history of Rolex Award was chosen as the venue for the ceremony of awarding prizes. One of the highlights of the cultural life of India was the ceremony of awarding the winners of the five Rolex: American Barbara Block (Barbara Block), Bolivian Kueyyar Erika […]