Casio GR7900NV-2

Description : To the number of the most sought after watch brands in street fashion circles, famous Japanese manufacturer Casio ‘s G-Shock series is definitely among the best fashion lovers almost hand a Recently, Casio G-Shock also brought two new Solar Military watch. In addition to begin with matt navy blue color rendering is also […]

Casio GA110RG-7A

Description : G-SHOCK digital display and simple many, ” the top-left button ” “the two seconds but put together in time mode press about “Digiana type of G-SHOCK is complex. The LCD for reversal of black and gold design that really stand out, the GA-200RG is painted gloss Furthermore, I was finished to a more […]

Casio DW6900MF-2

Description: From G-SHOCK, which is supported mainly young people prefer to street fashion, appeared metallic dial shines “(Metallic Dial series) Metallic Dial Series”. Color LCD for digital section mirror. Metallic coating applied to a metallic shine, metallic paint it a new color, such as a metal powder melted Kon-band case even further, to the dial […]

Tokyoflash announces the release of its new Kisai Zone

Description: The name of the Japanese watch company Tokyoflash is associated with a variety of exclusive and watch that the appearance and functions are unique. This brand is known worldwide for its models with LED / LCD – displays. Novelty called Kisai Zone, provided the company recently – is no exception. The model has a […]