The new model from the company’s Sparkling Moon Angular Momentum

Description: Sweden ytsarskaya manufacturer of tools for measuring time, Angular Momentum is known worldwide for its unique clock, which represent the products of Haute Horlogerie, located on the border between jewelery and watchmaking. Master watchmaker brand under the leadership of Martin Pauli every day learn new art techniques and machinery dials jewelry watches, delighting fans […]

LUC XP Urushi – Japanese style by Chopard

Description: In his new wristwatch LUC XP Urushi company apart from Chopard Haute Horlogerie also demonstrates the high art of Japanese miniatures. Model LUC XP Urushi is the result of the watch company and the Japanese artist Kiichiro Masumura (Kiichiro Masumura), which was awarded the title “Living national treasure” in Japan.

Romanson components of success

Description: Opening with a brand Romanson give rise to a feeling of cleanliness, completeness and tranquility. But when you talk with the creators, is struck by the energy, perseverance, dynamism of these people. It is therefore not surprising that the Korean company’s efforts were crowned with success: in less than ten years since the beginning […]

Casio: Who owns the information, owns the time

Description: Japanese company Casio one of the first came to the conclusion that the wristwatch – the best place to store databases. Notebooks, organizers and mobile phones are not always available. And watch – that they are at hand, rather on the hand, the desired information is retrieved in seconds, and, importantly, the battery does […]