Different Watches for Different Occasions

It can be very overwhelming to choose a watch for yourself. First thing’s first: you want to choose a distinct style. There’s fancy, casual and many other styles to choose from. All serve their purpose, but not all of them are good for all occasions! Second, you might want have different features on your watch. […]

Casio DW6900DS-1

Description : The U.S. Department of Casio announces the watch with a mesh texture. Funky design gives the model G-Shock special uniqueness and strength. Mesh design has been achieved thanks to the 3-D paint technology around the watch case and bracelet. Such a structure, together with a silver button G – another beautiful piece stylistically […]

Casio GD350-8

Description : Among them were most of their news we’ve been learning in Casio Zone, but more surprising is that China will not have the pretty GD-350-8, that is, two-color variant of the new “Vibrators “G-Shock. Instead, only receive the other two, the GD-350-1 (standard version) and invested GD-350-1B. Not the first time that Casio […]

Casio GD350-1B

Description : Impact-resistant housing design protects against shock and vibration – Plastic + steel. This model is equipped with a vibration alarm. Very powerful LED backlight provides illumination of the dial. When you angle the watch towards the person to read the data, the function automatically, and provides coverage of the dial. The main objective […]

Casio GWA1000FC-2A

Description : These new models are the new additions to the Gravity Defier lineup of timepieces Aviation preferred by pilots the world over. Triple G Resist construction makes them atto withstand the shock of dropping gravitational forces, centrifugal G-forces, and vibration. Smart Access capabilities enable intuitive, simple-to-master operation, and a temperature sensor Provides temperature readings […]

Casio GW9000A-1

Description : This Casio the Men’s GW9000A-1 G-Shock Mudman Solar Atomic Watch clay figurine series watch, anti-mud, shockproof, waterproof, resistant to low temperature of minus 20 degrees. Resin Case strap, dial diameter 46mm, 200m waterproof, 5 Bureau of radio receiver school, although they can not receive domestic Shangqiu station signal, but in remote areas in […]

Casio GW9200-1

Description : Casio for 25 years refines his concussion-proof collection, proving that the watch is a delicate product, which need to be careful, but a reliable companion more than the owner. In addition to the basic features which are G-Shocki, GW-9200 is the first model with 6-band radio-controlled (2 x EU, USA, 2 x Japan, […]