Growth in exports of Swiss watches is losing its former pace, but still remains significant

Description: All manufacturers of Swiss watches have high hopes for 2012, which is projected to reach record sales should amount, even in comparison with the excellent results of the previous year. What is the turnover of the event were the first four months of this year, we are today and find out.

New watches from the Swiss watch company Zeitwinkel at BaselWorld 2012

Description: At Baselworld 2012 Swiss watchmaker Zeitwinkel presented a classic men’s wrist watches Zeitwinkel 273 °. It should be noted that the design and mechanism designed exclusively to watch manufactory company Zeitwinkel. Models of this company have an exclusive manufactory caliber Zw0102 and Zw0103. Zeitwinkel means “time angle”, which is used to calculate the exact […]

The November exports of Swiss watches

Description: Association of the Swiss watch industry has once again released the statistics of exports of chronographs. The November exports of watches continue to demonstrate strong growth of all indicators. This month, an increase of 16% compared to November last year. In addition, in November record was set: the first Swiss watch exports exceeded $ […]

In recent decades, Russian clients in the Swiss watch market

Description: According to the latest figures published by the Federation of Swiss Watch Industry, the increase of exports of watches 8-fold between 2000 (40 million francs) and 2007. (About 322 million francs). Then, for two consecutive years because of the international financial crisis marked decline in exports of wristwatches. In 2008 (-9.7% compared to 2007) […]

Alfex: Swiss watch company

It was in 1974 when Mme. Alfa Grosa and M. Fernand Gindraux, both active in the world of watchmaking since 1950, the company created Alfex of Switzerland, four years before, sold to SSIH, SMH future, society Ferex SA where he held the position of leadership. Desiring more freedom within their own company, then founded Alfex […]

Watch industry – the main branch of the Swiss economy

Description: Swiss watch industry again on the rise over the past six months, exports increased by more than 10 billion francs. Part of the profit makers are investing in the development of the industry and attract new workers. According to the recently published semi-annual report, Swatch Group, the beginning of this year, the company hired […]

Chronoswiss watch company bought

Description: After 28 years of management time by Chronoswiss Gerd-Rudiger Lang last year otoshol of business. Instead, he appointed himself Sigrun Schillings, Heinen and Charles Joseph Burgmayera. Today, the company left the Sigrun Schillings, Heinen – perhaps due to the fact that now in the process of purchasing a watch company Chronoswiss Swiss businessman.

Swiss watch Datezone Pilot Chronograph from the company Vogard

Description: Watch company Vogard represents a novelty – Datezone Pilot Chronograph. Watches were issued in two versions: Ref.No. DZP 6332 with brown bezel and Ref. No. DZP 6131 with a black bezel. This part of the way the body is one of the main elements of novelty. Bezel clock data is a patented system Timezoner.