“Explosive” model wristwatch from Steampunk RJ-Romain Jerome

Description: Consuming interest from buyers for the company wristwatch RJ-Romain Jerome contributed to the fact that well-known brand of thinking about creating a new model in the style of Steampunk. The new chronograph Steampunk has become another phenomenon in a collection of watches of the brand. Steampunk is born as a result of engagement of […]

Conquest watch brand RJ-Romain Jerome Hotel Byblos

Description: The famous watch brand RJ-Romain Jerome for the summer of 2011 headed for the south, where preparing a grand opening and an impressive boutiques in the legendary Hotel Byblos. Hotel Byblos has earned a world-renowned fame, stop where movie stars and music. Permanent resident guests were the cult of personality like Brigitte Bardot and […]

New Space Adventures wrist: Romain Jerome Spacecraft

Directly from the current retro-futurist Haute Horlogerie now become trend is the new Romain Jerome Spacecraft. Created by the pen of the famous designer Eric Giroud, animated by mechanical unlikely Venus and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht – owner of the workshop micro engineering Agenhor under the supervision of the President RJ Romain Jerome Manuel Emch, the new […]