Watches: surge in European sales. Swiss brands win

Description: At Baselworld 2011 was published a very interesting field of study with regard to the European market watch. In particular, Italy GfK Retail and Technology , a leader in market research, has released the sales data of clocks in Italy, France, England, Germany and the Netherlands in 2010. Result: these countries have reached 28.8 […]

The Laboratory of Enrico’s heart beats with Omega Patek

Description : This title may seem tight, but in fact summarizes the interaction of two of the brand at this time are characterizing the luxury watch market. In fact, the raid on the market the revolutionary innovations introduced by Omega , have managed to scratch even the impenetrability of solid and traditional Patek Philippe, recognized […]

Watches Oris Artix GT Chronograph at the exhibition Moscow Watch Expo-2012

Description : From 24 to 27 October in the IEC “Crocus Expo” will host an international exhibition Moscow Watch Expo-2012. At the exhibition one of the most visible on the stand prime Swiss Oris model will Artix GT Chronograph, which brings us back to the trends of automotive design 70s.