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In March, a 200-ton load with complex test equipment with the label Seiko saw another complicated move out of London, this time in Moscow, which hosted the World Championships in Athletics in enclosed spaces.

When containers were finally delivered, began a thorough check of serviceability of equipment. After four excruciating days round the clock work by pulling about 40 miles of cables in a completely unsuitable for the job “Olympic”. (One can not help you understand why Americans ruthlessly demolished most of the latest grand stadium, built for the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Salt Lake City. Yes, because they are already out of date.)

Then another crazy day on adjustment and test equipment Seiko and its integration information system in the latest Epson. All of these works are carried out highly qualified masters, whose work is very expensive.

And all for the sake of in a matter of three days, the best athletes to find out who they are currently faster, higher and stronger.

– And what’s already world-famous Seiko concern all this necessary? – I asked the head of the company Seiko-Germany Harri Khobar.

– Seiko considering sponsorship of sporting events of the highest level as a major problem. In the end, it was thanks to sports timekeeping our concern has gained international fame. It happened in 1964, when Seiko was the official timekeeper of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. First break the monopoly of Swiss in this complex area of no man, even in his thoughts.

We’ve got it, then the world and said that scholars and masters of the highest level there is in Japan. You know that the “Seiko” is Japanese for “accuracy.” And everyone knows that in modern sport it can only provide a cutting-edge technology. That is why Seiko sponsoring major sporting events. By the way, this sponsorship makes and helps to progress ourselves. How wonderful technology we invented during this time!


– Up to what year your valid contract with the International Association of Athletics (IAAF)?

– Our contract entered into before December 31, 2009 and we will try to prolong it. By the way, other than athletics, we are sponsoring the team formulicheskimi HONDA Racing F1. And dedicated in 2005, a collection of Sportura for pilots and engineers team. And the latest models Sportura has developed with the direct participation of the team Honda Racing F1. Cooperation came so interesting that we made a film about him, which demonstrate in Basel.

– Are you satisfied with the results of the Moscow World Cup?

– Yes! FIFA has shown once again that we, as athletes, something to strive for, because there is no limit to perfection.

In addition, Russia play significant role in the global development strategy Seiko. And that gorgeous Russian athletes won the championship 8 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals and won the team competition, promoting the emergence of new Russian loyal Seiko. After all, people understand that your athletes have won a victory in a bright, including through our efforts.

Fotofinishny unit fixed by the time the green band of athletes crossing the finish line and for the convenience of judges himself distributed the finishers in the timeline. Distance is considered complete when the breast runner breaks the electron beam.

The two diagrams on the left – a graphic illustration of the words of Mr. Harri Cobar that Seiko constantly invents and introduces new sports timekeeping technology. These diagrams are obtained from the unit that controls the start of the sprinters. As you can see, now the false start is determined not only visually, but also with the help of sensors that respond to muscle force at the time of the repulsive runner from starting blocks – the peak point of the curve.

If before the arbitrators could not notice premature start athlete, now have no chance of cunning to deceive opponents and referees. If the sensor detects premature muscles athlete, the red light of the arbitrator will make a shot for the second time, eliminating start. Chart false start – the lower left. In addition, this unit provides a very useful information on the rate of reaction to the launch shot by athletes and their coaches.

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