The new limited edition watches Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition



Renowned watchmaker Perrelet has announced the release of a new model watches Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition, presented in two versions: male and female versions.

A little provocative feature model – in its dial with so fashionable this season, a symbol of the skull. The symbol of the skull has a rather long history. Originally skull warned of the presence of toxic substances.

In classical art, he personified the past, but in the 18th century became a symbol of a skull pirate sign, terrifying to others. No chance to stand out and call in respect of the 50s of last century, “laughing, Roger,” was chosen as the emblem of bikers. Having lost so negative connotations, the skull is now synonymous with freedom and independence, especially in the fashion industry.

A new interpretation of the skull, represented in the model of Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition, – a perfect combination of luxury and elegance. During the 12-blade impeller rotating hidden skull made of luminous diamonds. In the men’s model, the skull is paved with 210 diamonds weighing 0.82 carats, and the female model – 155 diamonds weighing 0.59 carats. The use of diamonds on a black background creates a glow effect.

Housing male model Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition, made of stainless steel, has a wide diameter of 50 mm and covered with DLC-coated, but the body female model has a diameter of 41 mm and is also coated with DLC-coated. Waterproof model reaches up to 50 meters.

New operates on the basis of the manufacturing of automatic mechanism P-331 with double rotor.

Male model Perrelet Turbine Toxic Special Edition comes with rubber strap, and the female model – on a rubber strap or satin.

You can buy watches from authorized company representatives Perrelet.

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