Casio G5600KG-3


A special forces attached to the screws that are deliberately hidden from the user’s eye and create a stunning visual effect (which is not only visually, but in reality, very strongly to protect the module clock). Each clock model in this collection has its own form of design that makes them look like, but at the same time completely different. That is, the user has a chance to choose a form for themselves, for their preferences: square, oval or round.

Band Type: Resin
Color: Green
Dial Code: Digital


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Rocks Mergo Chronograph Automatic



Diver Chronograph special kind of
The watches in the series Rocks Mergo convinced not only look with elegant decor featuring the high-gloss polished stainless steel case with rotating bezel, matte black and exceptionally gestaltetem dial, combined with features of a luxury watch with the finest watchmaking technology, such as the automatic chronograph movement with date and stopwatch function, sapphire crystal and water resistance to 300m.
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