Hi all: It is, as I put in the title, the Mark XV of IWC , and discontinued since 2006, and released in 1999 replacing the Mark XII (1993-1999), and has already become part the history of watchmaking. The origin of this saga was the Mark IX (1936-1944) with caliber 83 and the Mark X (1944-1948), 36 mm. cash, and the same caliber as the ninth and was succeeded by Mark XI (1948-1984) with the gauge 89. This is the Mark IX :

Both were military watches, but not born as a pilot watches , and although ancestors of the Mark XV , more aesthetically perceived family resemblance in the Mark XI , which was actually the one who has given those names, that they had, his two predecessors, and whose life discoursed almost parallel to the Jaeger LeCoultre Mark XI. The adventures of two Mark XI are beautifully described on this page. I would not do better, nor is it a matter of copy and paste. A photo of the two Mark XI. Incidentally, both 36 mm. Case diameter:

In 1993 the Mark XII replaces XI, including calendar, but if the XI was equipped with the IWC Calibre 89, the twelfth he was with the caliber 889/2 to Jaeger LeCoultre.

In 1999 comes to light the Mark XV, with 38 mm. diameter case, sapphire crystal, and rating 30,110 (2892A2 ETASA modified by IWC), which was produced until 2006. The classic picture of the box, you can not miss:


In the following, and in the foreground, you can appreciate the clean area through the sapphire, that being the watch of the last batches has a pleasant and effective anti-reflective coating that promotes reading. Also, like its predecessor, the Mark XII, calendar features a white background.

As the two photos above were somewhat “warm”, and vacations were presented climatologically as we have all seen, then pull to refresh the clock.

In the previous few reflections are appreciated despite the convexity of the crystal, black dial and white sky. And since I’m in the matter of reading the field, I put a photo comparison of night vision that as you will see is not to rave about, although sufficient, apart from that just are luminous indices 12, 3, 6, 9, triangle, and the time and minute hands. The clock on the right is the Sinn 356 (with bright needles), and the existing lighting before the picture was the same for both, and during the same period.

The box is very well done, with a distinct air of the family Mark, and brushed it all except the horizontal plane on the bezel, and the threaded bottom bevel, which are polished to a mirror. Its diameter is the most controversial aspect of this watch, because with current trends, its 38 mm. uncrowned may be scarce for many, but to me 38, 39, or 40 mm. sizes are ideal, and 10.60 mm. thickness is a very comfortable watch to wear.


The crown has lost one of its most significant, it was a fish:

In the past Mark XV crown, which is threaded, showing the famous brand logo with the slogan ” probus scafusia “, having a suitable size and proportions and pleasant.

The clasp of the strap seems very nice, but more cumbersome to use than others, especially to open it.

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