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TAG Heuer


Open exactly half a century ago by Edward Hoyer and his sons-hour workshop with the passage of time has evolved into an advanced manufacture, continues the glorious path of innovation and technical excellence of Horology haute horlogerie. According to Director General Jean-Christophe Babin factory, the whole thing into the DNA of the company.

The birth of genius and his sons, Edward, manufacture embarked on a constant business and technological invention. Floating gear and the world’s first mechanical chronograph Mikrograph laid the foundation for modern novation caliber 360 and the first oscillator in the world without the hair! DNA, according to Jean-Christophe, founded in the name of manufacture, and transferred to the corporate culture of TAG Heuer, as well as strict adherence to tradition – Jack Heuer, great-grandson of the legendary Edward is still the honorary chairman of the board of directors.

The “stagnation of blood» TAG Heuer will not get any – Manufaktur is constantly working to develop and implement new ideas, engaging in a series of ideological supporters of the case Hoyer best representatives of the higher classes of society. Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve McQueen, Maria Sharapova and Tiger Woods – that’s a short list of messengers who embody the ideals of TAG Heuer.

Ideals to continually improve the technical standard of living at a constant rate to maintain ecology of the planet Earth. No wonder the car mileage, on the 150th anniversary of the world famous Swiss factory, held in conjunction with the car stable Tesla, engaged in production and introduction into the daily lives of 100% environmentally friendly electric cars.

TAG Heuer

In the anniversary in 2010 TAG Heuer announces the release of a whole galaxy of new products, which no doubt will please fans of watchmaking Hoyer. First, it is a remake of the legendary Heuer Monaco 1969 with the famous contest of automatic chronographs. While most of the associated range of Monaco with white-blue range, which has become so popular thanks to Steve McQueen, the range actually began with Monaco gray tones – exactly like in the updated release.

The release is based on 11 of the same caliber as last year’s commemorative McQueen. At the same vintage watches have a small size. Limit Series – 1860 copies at a cost of about 4.5 thousand dollars. The United States.

Another update was released lineup Monaco 24, built on the basis of the caliber 36. This gauge can rightly be called the older brother of the mechanism of chronological El Primero by Zenith, which at one time and used Rolex and Panerai. The design is nearly the same hours of Monaco LS, but the caliber of 36, coupled with a system of movable attachment of the watch with the face to the body puts Monaco 24 on top of the lineup. In addition to a very extravagant sense of observation time on the “floating” dial, this innovation-fixing system makes it extremely shock-proof watch. Monaco can get 24 to 11 thousand dollars. The United States.

Next come the new Carrera model series based on the caliber 1887. Brand Carrera Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR and Carrera strict with the usual white dial.

The anniversary year promises to be interesting and full of surprises. It is possible, we will not be the last time this year we meet to discuss new products from TAG Heuer.

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