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In the watch industry have enough problems, but we, like everyone else, believe that the market will revive and will increase sales dramatically. Yes, it is sure to happen! But only when the clock will stop wearing for 20-30 years in order to look at them twice a day.

When wearing the same watch at home, at work and at the club would be a shame. When the ladies will pick up a watch along with the decorations. When designers get confidence in the embodiment of the unexpected, innovative ideas. When the State becomes the policeman of the in-let, selfish, but the helper …

How all this be achieved? One, there is no right answer, and areas of work – a lot. And among them – to change the relationship to the clock of society as a whole, what can help collectors, watchmakers, amateurs, inventors, etc. They actually work for manufacturers to advertise their products not only in his own circle. Actively operating in the west society of admirers of a brand fan clubs – a good support for the producer. There’s car manufacturers are taking old cars in order to stimulate demand for new ones.

The same is true in the watch area: Patek Philippe has the right to acquire an exclusive model only for those who already have an officially-purchased – watch this brand. By the way, and in Moscow on “Glory” with a small extra charge you can get a new watch, in exchange for old ones. It is a pity that this little known.


Our producers and traders are still very far from the secondary market and do not notice how strong his relationship with the primary.

These questions prompted us to investigate the current situation in the secondary market hours. And in pursuance of the fifth edition of the journal (see “Second hand”) promises, we went for a walk along the Arbat, where there are many antique shops, salons and shops.

In one of them – “Treasure Island” – on some of our questions answered in detail Vadim Jumping.

What are the hours you are taking, whether you have a preference?

Hours are divided into a decent, not very decent and larechnye.

Larechnye, of course, the secondary circulation does not have. Not a very decent – it is simply a fake, like Cartier stainless steel that are made and sold in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. They simply accept – the gold “by weight”. We can add a bit if the clock is a nice Swiss movement.


Decent – is usually watches with passports, boxes and signs of “good taste”. Often do not buy them for myself, but as a gift, and sell them hard enough. Hours are decent decent money, but the one who bought them in a state, has become choosy and even capricious. He prefers to buy a new or very clearly articulates what he wants from already second-hand. For example: “Patek Philippe, oval, white gold, the gold bracelet is.”

Nevertheless, there is a category of people who just love a good watch. But they are “new things” quickly bored. Therefore, clocks often have to buy, so – often sell already bored. In fact, formed a special circle of a very small number of people that watch are traveling a long time.

If you do not bring a modern clock, and the old, which may be kept “for a rainy day,” as with them?

And did. Almost all of them are “metal”. What they are brand – “Moser”, “Tempest” – all the same. Usually they do not have the presentation, but these are not wanted. Another thing – hours after the restoration.

You take only hours of precious metals, or not? For example, brought to you Rado …

Pottery? – Never! For titanium, stainless steel offer 100 rubles.

Watch what types do you accept? And how are granting artistic merit?


We accept all types of watches: watches, pocket, fireplace, table, carriage, etc. But the need to ensure that they can sell. Art direction, except in exceptional cases, evaluate yourself. After all, in fact, French mantel clock from wealthy noble houses differ only by the number of bronze lions, or cowherd girls.

How is the authenticity of hours?
The authenticity of manufacture can be determined reliably enough to stamp on packages of precious metals (in stamps to understand the mechanisms of more complicated). But often the question arises about the place of purchase. It is important to verify the legal origin of the goods. Sometimes you can find a stamp with the word Paris or, for example, internal Swiss stamp certifying the 750-th sample. This means that these watches – gold and sold in Switzerland. Check the authenticity of the gold is easy, it’s a purely technical question.

How do you rate the hours taken? What is the order of reception hours?

Check the serviceability of the mechanism is simple. Set up hours: go, therefore are intact. All prices are guided, for example, specialized catalogs, which listed the prices of many models of different brands.

Generally speaking, there are two types of activities. First-lombard, ie short-term lending against collateral. If the clock is in a period not bought, they sold at public auction. Price consists of the issued loan secured by this thing, and costs. In the second case, if the chances of selling are high enough, we take a clock on the commission, and the client receives the money after the sale.

Who brings the clock in the shop, but “new Russian”? Is there any established category?

There is a standard psychological setting for a “rainy day” reserves should be some sort of gold or hours. Or, sometimes, once the store received expensive gifts. And when hard times come, we have it. Here, as a rule – if we talk about nezalogovom version of the secondary circulation – it totally hopeless. Everything is bought in Moscow, in the salons, at prices that are often substantially higher than retail prices in Switzerland. In humans, a shock: how is it that the world-famous company, for it paid fifteen thousand dollars, but offer only a half!

A mortgage option when money is needed “here and right,” even cooler – do not give a half, and one, or even five hundred. If the presentation is saved or it can be returned (cleaning, grinding, polishing), the best you can hope to get 30% of the new hours. As for the “turnaround” clock, it is very small. Lie and lie. For years,…


Do you give it advertising?
No. It’s useless. Advertise shop on the Arbat means to advertise all the antique shops of the Arbat. On this street there is no traffic, so someone who goes on foot to the definitions given in the advertisement the store, inevitably will go back in a few others. And there are more than a dozen.

In “Silver series,” beautifully equipped and largest of the bypassed antique shops, helping us kindly Nicholas Gadebsky. What is the main reason that people come for the clock to the antique dealers?

I must say that the commission willing to buy watches because of their low price, and if the state is decent, then on the counter product is not delayed.

Tell us what you think of watches, determine their authenticity, taking what hours?

Our main specialty – antiques and, accordingly, we deal primarily with antique clocks. Typically, this is a watch made of precious metals, gold, and sometimes – with precious stones. However, as there is demand for modern clock, we also deal with them. Inspector watches governed primarily by foreign catalogs, which are listed as the technical parameters and cost characteristics. In order not to be trapped, we ask to bring supporting documents issued by the sale.

If there are no documents, but we did a number of features can judge the authenticity of, the offer price in 40-50% of the cost of new clock (the catalog).

We have no prejudice to the materials from which the watch is, whether it is stainless steel, titanium or tungsten. The main thing – the authenticity of the watch, as the name, the reputation of the store is much more important benefits of a single transaction. If there is any doubt about the authenticity, the solution is always the same – negative. If a thing is unique, then we turn to experts for advice firms trading hours today.

What is the approximate turnover of hours?
Generally speaking, in the antique trade does not happen fast speed, and “shovel anything equal” is no paddles. This is a very serious hard work, it costs very high, so you have to count every penny, and think through every step. The number of sold watches can be said that in one year sold four hours, and in another – fifteen. And if I sell watches 4.3 hours a month, I think things are going well.

Talk about some stable trends we can. Although certain “signs” of course. In particular, the mantel clock sold better in the autumn-winter period, before the New Year and Christmas. And in the year the market is full of stagnation, and sale of watches I regard as success.

Another reason for surge in demand for watches – anniversaries of politicians and businessmen. For some reason, it is now fashionable gift for anniversaries large gilt clock. And as much as antique dealers use the information on such dates. But with the “fall of the oligarchs,” the demand was less. We come now, new politicians, apparently, any other requests.

Seen whether any general customer preferences?
In recent years the emphasis has shifted. Previously, the priority demand was made of bronze, gilded, decorated rich decor clock. Today, more attention to attracting mantel clock with a fine, careful study of details. Sales also depend heavily on the figures on the clock: do not like goats, lambs, sheep, deer, more prefer female figures, cupids, children playing and war stories. A special place is occupied by a pocket watch with a dress rehearsal.

The higher the grade repeater, the clock is more expensive and better marketed. High demand for a pocket watch in enamels, women’s gold watches, pendants with precious stones. In recent years, increasing the market has seen gold pocket watches, usually by “Pavel Bure”, with magnificent enamels on the themes of the Russian empire or the thumbnail of an erotic nature.


Hours, of course, true, but the painting is done by modern masters.

However, the cost of these hours are often more than 10 thousand dollars.

There is a tendency to increase the flow in the commission trade of expensive watches famous manufacturers: Cartier, Omega, Franck Muller watches, etc. Such a good buy if you have the relevant documents or shop guarantees their authenticity.

How many foreigners come to you?
They have for some time ceased to be customers of antique shops.

This is due to the ban on the export of items produced before 1945, and in some commodities, such as cameras – and even more “young”.

Item must declare a permit by the Ministry of Culture to take him abroad, to pay a large fee. Antique dealers from this, of course, lose a lot. But as a citizen, I can say that it’s not bad. In Russia, it is too early to permit the export of art treasures, too great a possibility that the country can ever “escape” the real masterpieces.

Today, the main buyer – it is our Russian wealthy businessman. And often not even he himself, as his representatives, agents. The middle class, which is designed to our store, more and more moving away from the antiques. But we sincerely hope for his return.

In recent years, buyers began to offer additional services. What do antique dealers in this area?

If we talk about the old clock, then we do not only accept the commission, but also provide advice and assist in making repairs. Often it is necessary to calculate the pendulums, make keys, springs, often in need of repair rehearsal. And we have a circle of artists who are responsible for it all.

In addition, the clock – something whimsical, and the time they have to stand at a new location. We should not think buying, for example, mantel clock, which is sufficient to simply make and put on the shelf. No progress is needed to accurately correct the length of the pendulum, set the clock horizontally, and then a couple more times to come, to ensure the correct course … All this, too, do our masters, and free.

As you look at advertising antique trade?
Advertising in many glossy magazines – it is practically useless. The clientele is formed over the years, and if we work well with customers, then they are advised to friends, acquaintances to contact us. Work can only be advertising a specific subject, but do not store as a whole.

We also visited the famous Russian auction house “Gelos” interior decorative arts, and talked with the head of the department Alexei Tumanov. What distinguishes you from the auction house commission shops and pawn shops? In them for hours often offer minimal money, in fact, take the price of the metal. The auction is advantageous that the price is determined by the competition. Even if the starting price is below the real value of the subject, the excitement of the auction, it could grow much higher than expected.

What hours do you do?
Old, that is manufactured to the 20s last century. This is a floor, wall, mantel, wrist and pocket watches. We have tried to deal with more modern, in particular, the clock 50-60-ies, but the demand for them was not. Antique clocks bought with pleasure – and expensive, and cheap. Among those who brought us the clock is, in particular, the dealers who do this professionally.

What are you guided by assigning a starting price?
Experience in sales, Western auction catalogs, if the clock is of particular interest, and market demand. For example, gold pocket watches, or Bure Moser 3-4 years ago were worth $ 500-700, but now they are hard to sell even for $ 300. Silver pocket watch can cost $ 50, and mantel clocks of the XVIII century, with bronze and marble – about $ 40,000. Antiques with something similar to share-price may rise sharply and fall sharply, according to the fashion and market saturation.

Do you have regular customers?
Prepared bank collections, antiques adorn the interiors of the offices and classrooms. Clients of private individuals – it’s mostly people who buy watches for the collection to beautifully arrange for a home or investment.

In the domestic watch invest?
Preference to have a Swiss watch and English. From the Russian – Chatunovy brothers did good mantel and wall clocks. But the most popular brand among consumers, “Moser” and “Pavel Bure.” They are already seen as a Russian, because the factories are in Moscow.
Are there times that you bring a fake watch?

Yes. Basically it is a very expensive watch like Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe. Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish visually, it’s a fake or the real thing. Hold in the hands of the subject and feel – something is wrong. Work to clarify the identity of 50% pure intuitive. I learned this from more experienced colleagues, and museum workers.

If the buyer wants to have a certificate, we are to give out when there is suspicion of fake. In the case where there is disagreement about the authenticity, appeal to museum experts: We have experts and consultants from the Kremlin museums, museum of arts and crafts, and many others. Employees of the various museums are training in our courses on antiques.

What could you say about the traffic hours? Are there any robust trend?

Good buy and sell products of famous companies, such as Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Breguet, etc., that is, things are very expensive, as well as watches with complicated functions like the tourbillon, the lunar calendar, or repeater.

You advertise your business?
We have a marketing department and PR, which is engaged in ongoing advertising, outdoor advertising in Moscow – a variety of signs, posters and so on. And plus this is targeted advertising, or objects, or actions, and events such as major auctions or sales of vintage items. Targeted advertising is a massive but short-lived interest. We prefer advertising that serves as a constant reminder for us.

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