All or nothing?

All or nothing?


Hours H9 Reduction of Haldimann know the time, but it will not tell anyone.

German watchmaker Beat Haldimann created something that measures the time, but does not display it on the dial, thereby turning on its head the notion of “clock as an instrument for measuring time.”

If the clock is no time indexes are created for those who do not care about the exact time, these watches are for those who do not know is interested, and wants nothing of the time. All – vanity, values – ephemeral, we need only contemplate the ages through the blue-black, opaque glass, behind which quietly ticking mechanism. It’s something you can easily see by the way – through the transparent back cover – but the mystery of time, it hardly will.

Curiously, in the present floating tourbillon watches and even hand-winding is a function (in case you pleased when a number of things all the time ticking). The technical characteristics are even the name of the manufacturing machinery and the number of vibrations per hour, only to whom such information from the proc?

Platinum watch case can be extended to choose from, platinum bracelet or alligator strap. Stylish, beautiful, but to no avail.

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