New hours of Trapezium Cabestan

New hours


Hourly Cabestan company introduced a new model watch Trapezium. As the title of hours, the body of the model is a trapezium – shaped object that is not only difficult to calculate, but also to perform. Such is the nature of the hours Trapezium: it is unpredictable and time available.

Novelty is a modified model of famous watches Winch Tourbillon Vertical. The talented owner of the company locks Cabestan Eric embodied in hours the whole force of his technical ideas. Elegant form a trapezoid, applied in hours, yielded a complex combination of rectangles, creating a spectacular design with unusual shapes.

The unique body is made of sapphire glass, giving the opportunity to admire the work of the mechanism from any corner of the chassis.

Unlike its predecessor, the clock Trapezium features a complex system of winding and setting. The main body has two crown, one of which is designed to be wind, and another – to set the time. Both crowns are fitted with two small handles, pivoting when in use. Handles mounted on both sides of the body.

Mechanism built into the case, complicated tourbillon positioned vertically, which emphasizes the presence of more futuristic in appearance news.

As noted by representatives of the company Cabestan, Trapezium price of 240 000 Swiss francs.

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