Breitling wrist watch and a dive to 244 meters



Conducting tests of the deep watches Breitling freediver Herbert Nitsch on behalf of the target set to achieve another record: the summer of 2012 without a scuba dive to a depth of as much as 244 meters.

Austrian conqueror of the depths has descended by 214 meters in 2007. The new record will be placed near the island of Santorini, Aegean Sea. All in all an athlete has 31 world records.

Despite the fact that the dive plan seemed fairly soon, very serious preparations for it started right now: the athlete is now testing equipment, which includes a watch and Breitling. To our knowledge, this is the model of the Chronomat 01, having a water-resistant to 500 meters. Then what is the uniqueness of the experiment, you ask?

The fact is that most water-resistant watch is checked in the lab somewhere on the second floor of the factory, which does not correspond to the real depth. Usually watch this just put in a special apparatus with water, which forced the pressure corresponding to the required depth.


In the case of a real immersion in the hours assigned the task of not just stand for a real dive. From the chronometric device is literally human life depends. Tested in this way hours actually can be trusted.

During the dive at the feet of Herbert will be attached to a special ballast, pull to the bottom, and shoulders will press torpedo tubes to speed up the dive to the required depth, because it will occur without scuba gear – in one breath.

During this immersion is changing the composition of human blood, there comes a completely different sense of self and often even get hallucinations. You need to have nerves of steel indeed to see it through. And of course, only the most reliable in the World clock – time to discover the “air parachute” and return to the surface.

Chronomat 01 mm have a 44-diameter steel casing. Dial in black.

Equipped with a unidirectional bezel with a ratchet mechanism. Opening officially certified COSC and have a chronograph, countdown time to the nearest 1 / 4 seconds. Since the model has the same chronological 30-minute and 12-hour counters.

Inside the clock is set automatic Breitling Caliber 01 to 47 stones, which has 70-hour power reserve.

Supplied on a perforated rubber strap or Ocean Racer DiverPro, which has a protruding ridge on the center, so that it becomes just like to watch fish.

By the way “flying fish” – a nickname Herbert Nitsch. The fact is that in addition to free diving, Herbert has an ordinary job, which is the best echoes the theme of aviation Breitling – he pilot Tyrolean Airways.

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