Hours Toric Oval with telescopic arrows from Parmigiani

Hours Toric Oval


Watchmaker Parmigiani presented yesterday in New York for its new model. This extraordinary wristwatch Toric Oval, continuing the tradition of British pocket watches Vardon & Stedmann the last century.

These clocks are unique, first of all, its telescopic arrows that increase or decrease its length, fitting into oval shape of the dial and case. Hour and minute hands are shortened to 3 and 9 o’clock and the maximum length of the stretch at 6 and 12 hours. This curious feature telescopic arrow allows you to always keep the same distance to the edges of clock face Toric Oval.

Unique watch Toric Oval released so far only one copy, transfer funds Sandoz. However, we know that the planned production of limited edition of 30 pieces of different color versions of the data clock (white or pink gold).

Work those hours with telescopic arrows on the mechanism of PF Caliber 111 has an 8-day power reserve. Thanks so solid stock of machinery can push and cut the arrow without significant loss of energy for the diurnal variation.

Hours Toric Oval will appear in retail stores next month. Buy these hours will be for 95 000 dollars.

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