Wristwatches for the samurai



The Japanese have always been originality: every day we learn of new and unusual technology advances, the authors of which are just the Japanese. Well they are doing and watch industry – a lot of interesting gadgets designed in the Land of the Rising Sun tireless Japanese scientists, including our current gadget.

This wrist-watch called the Iron Samurai, although they may be anyone – it does not have to be a samurai. Especially as the basis of the attractiveness of these hours is interesting and original design, but for the samurai that hardly matters. But for those who appreciate stylish gadgets – just fine.

Do you know why we called the watch is “wrist-watch” and not “wrist”? Because, in fact in the bracelet. The most familiar elements – the dial, this watch is not at all, strange as it may seem. Yes, the hours actually resemble one-piece strap without the dial, but it does not prevent them to determine the time, being late to work or school and relaxing at lunch or waiting for an important meeting. LEDs are required to display the current time, tucked away between the metallic elements scales bracelet.

Through the proper placement of LEDs, you can see what time or date. The clock is displayed above, the minutes below, on the right are two buttons for setting time and date. Of course, such a mechanism is not very reliable, including may yield to water – but is often someone uses a clock in the water?

An interesting device is the price – just $ 15. And this is his adaptability, innovative design and originality. However, if someone wants to buy such a watch, for it is not a problem, even at a higher price – after hours is still unusual.

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