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Gone are the days where in order to switch the channel every time it was necessary to fit the TV. It was the era when not only TV but also computers, DVD players, garages, and other mechanical devices controlled by remote controls. Remote control allows you to save time, make more comfortable and safe. But most of us are accustomed to seeing the console in the form of a parallelepiped with several rows of buttons, and that if his nest to another device – for example, a clock?

Hammacher Schlemmer The company has already done – watch issued for carrying out a remote control device. You do not have to look across the board flat – and in fact, this process sometimes takes half an hour, despite the fact that your transmission or film has already begun. The remote control is in your hand, in the form of regular hours, and when you need to change the channel, does it.Watch is equipped with a 6-key. In normal mode, these buttons are used to set the time, date, alarm. But in remote mode, they perform the respective functions – switching channels, games, sound level, brightness, rewind and fast-forward, these features are characteristic of modern TV, DVD, as well as for many other devices that support infrared control signals, course. Price hours – about 99.95 dollars, which is well within their technological level. Especially the watch is not as relevant at home as in the work environment, for home runs in a few watches, but they are in the office you are constantly on hand. Although of course, not everyone is looking for video work. So if you have 100 dollars to watch, and you often lose the TV remote – then think about buying this, maybe it’s just what you need.

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