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Bell & Ross


Watchmaker Bell & Ross is pleased to introduce its first Internet-ambassador Simon Cuddy, who joined the department of digital brand. This is the first in the history of Internet time ambassador of the brand.

However, such innovation on behalf of this watch brand Bell & Ross is not surprising, because she was one of the first to master the Internet space.

As a result, the rapid increase in popularity of social networking has led watch company Bell & Ross to the idea of not just increase the brand presence on the web, and improving the quality of communication with their fans. So there was a time of vacancy of a cyber ambassador, who will moderate a dialogue with the Bell & Ross ever-increasing community of online friends.

Who is Simon Cudd, who became a virtual ambassador Bell & Ross? Since 2009, this man is the founder and moderator of the 1st site of fans watch Bell & Ross. Cudd is not only infinitely faithful watch brand Bell & Ross man, but a true professional and social networking. Every day this man operates its own online community of fans watches Bell & Ross, so that the selection of online ambassador can not raise any doubts.

The mission of the Internet after the famous watch brand will be to find like-minded people who want to receive the latest news about the World Bell & Ross, as well as raise awareness on the web about the brand.

In this regard, watchmaker Bell & Ross Simon Caddagh provided access to the latest news and unique photographic materials of the brand and its clock. It is also the new ambassador took responsibility for organizing meetings of fans and collectors of watches Bell & Ross.

Talking about, the development of Bell & Ross on the Web: from 2009 hours any brand can be purchased over the Internet. This year, Bell & Ross presented the updated version of its site, which will soon be available for viewing in 11 different languages.

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