Omega is the official timekeeper of the 14 world championship in swimming



From 16 to 31 July in Shanghai is 14 world championships in swimming. The results obtained in this championship, will be crucial for qualifying the Summer Olympic Games in 2012. In that event sports watch company Omega serves as the official timekeeper.


The company Omega is one of the most active timekeeper’s sports of swimming. She is constantly developing its technology for timing and classification of results of competitions. Omega is the first company that launched the production of semi-timers – the famous touch panels, which are located at the ends of the pool.

This system does not respond to a reverse flow of water and allows each swimmer to “stop time” pressed on the touch panel, apply a force equal to more than 3 kg. Last minute swim, and removed to high-speed camera company. This survey helps to determine the winner in the event of disputes.

Omega also suggested some improvements that will provide entertainment for broadcast on TV, and in addition, will help to understand the nuances of the audience in some sporting event. Thus, the electronic display Omega offers a “hold” virtual red line in the pool, which will help determine the establishment of new world records, ie, if the winner of the competition to finish the race “ahead of” the virtual line, it will be evidence for a new record. In addition, during the show on television competition is planned for more than 231 animations that will be a sort of “comment” swim swimmers.

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