Fossil public victory Bread and Butter 2011



Great success for the lifestyle Fossil Bread and Butter Super show 2011, the fair-Street & Urban wear, which takes place in Berlin in July, in the historic Berlin-Tempelhof airport.

In his first time at Bread and Butter , the brand Fossil has experienced strong turnout and a positive reception from the audience.

In this international context, in which the participating brands will feature in a comprehensive manner in accordance with its philosophy, Fossil wanted to offer visitors a real “Brand Experience” to live the lifestyle of its DNA Fossil Vintage.

The stand, which occupied a considerable part in the zone “Denim Base,” he greeted guests in full mood of Fossil lifestyle: young, fresh, positive. Large wooden boxes were used as a highlight of the “product” in its various expressions and categories such as watches and jewelry.

In the past there were items that have framed, creating a perfect setting in the unmistakable style of the Vintage brand.

The spirit of “authentic and creative”, in short, unmistakable brand, has confirmed reception area where all visitors have gone to create their own customized Tin Box: unique and original packaging was available in tin plate for a personal and only interpretation possible by a series of stamps dedicated to the forms with original graphics Fossil.

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